What is fractionation in dating

For example, you can talk about her dreams for the future for a few minutes, getting her really imagining it.Then talk about what you had for dinner, and talk about the meal itself, rather than how you felt about it.Every time you get back to talking about desirable feelings, she’ll go “deeper” into her imagination, and be much more likely to associate those deep feelings with you.To make this even better, consider using these “feelings-things” conversational oscillations while you’re actually moving to different areas (with you leading, of course).

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Talk about emotionally rich stories about falling in love, excitement, etc.

Here, we’ll be going over several examples of seducing conversation that you can use immediately to significantly increase your success out in the field.

The truth that fractionation is a pretty common technique, and we see it everywhere, so when we go over some of the more common fractionation seduction examples you’ll likely recognize a few.

Then every time you get back to your “friend” she’ll automatically go deeper into following along and imagining what it’s like to fall in love.

A good way to think about this is to always alternate between talking about “emotions” and talking about “things.” The good news is that every time you go back to talking about “emotions,” they don’t need to be the same ones.

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