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In many ways, though, this episode belongs to Jesse Plemons' portrayal of Todd.

Swap Your Kawasaki with A New Engine Repower your Scag, Exmark, Gravely, Toro, Lesco, or other commercial walk-behind mower with a BRAND NEW Briggs and Stratton 17.5 horsepower engine. Pro Green Plus can service all brands of ATV’s including John Deere Gators!The big question, of course, is the form his redemption will take, if indeed he even gets one.The Lear comparison holds quite strongly in this episode.It's suddenly apparent that the character's tragic flaw is, depending on how you look at it, the fact that a bit of him is Walt, or the fact that a bit of him Heisenberg, and he can never quite live in one mind.Heisenberg's attempt to overpower Saul into coming with him to New Hampshire is thwarted by Walt's weak coughing fit.

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