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I didn't do the maths but maybe tonight I will just to see what this basic strategy gives . The fake breakouts have given from what I can see no profit but equally not much in terms of losses . it's a funny one this, on the face of it there isn't any rush to comit, but my view of the chart suggests that it's more likely to rise from here than not.If it goes above 24.75, then we might start to see a trend change and the 200s MA is sat pretty flat at 26.75 or so.If we get there, it would be interesting to see how price behaves.Also on the weekly chart, the tl from June 2017 to the current time is being broken now, also there's bullish MACD histo divergence, same for 1433 stoch.

There are exceptions ( I had 75p resistance but RSI went very high for Ophir so I didn't take a risk ) I will get an email address to use , I am not sure who Remo is so am not part of it for sure. In that I mean when price passes the 50sma from below, buy and sell if crosses below .

Regards, per ardua ad astra For my penny worth - Never had problems they are always speedy & helpful with SHAREDEALACTIVE by there 12 yrs The cheapest is not always the best . saying that in a few years it could be a good investment?

As always DYOR and have a Great Day trading cheers Buck Not for the first time has my login password been repeatedly rejected as incorrect first thing in the morning. By the time of production, this sp should be closing in on 1 pound per share and that’s on the low side, before then..

China should produce an Offtake Agreement,- these trips usually do. There should be some local press coverage / reporting. They have to find cash to run the business until first sales income which is years away.

Hence annual operating costs x years till first sales • total cash requirement. Best regards I am very tempted to top up making this the most prominent of my holdings. SXX has gone from under 400 million shares to 4.4 billion i.e. Clearly it's the best way to generate funds until sales commence but at what price to long term holders?

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