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That forces creativity to bend to the lowest common moral and intimacy denominator.Everything has to be inoffensive and guarded enough for everybody.That means no one can snoop on this content without you knowing immediately, something not even Snapchat offers for public accounts.Typically, every piece of social media we create comes with the sneaking suspicion that a co-worker or family member might see it.

“We pivoted” Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil tells me.

Instagram Live videos disappear as soon as the stream stops, which could get people broadcasting more frequently rather than saving the capability just for big flashy events or citizen journalism.

Meanwhile, viewers will feel greater urgency to watch immediately because they know it’s their only chance.

Instagram Live lets you broadcast video to your followers in real-time, but they can only watch while you’re still streaming. But you will be able to browse an algorithmically curated Explore page of the best Instagram Live videos happening right now.

And if you don’t feel like sharing a doodle and text-covered Instagram Stories post to all your followers, you’ll be able to send it as a ephemeral Direct message to just a few of your closest friends.

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