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Its floor is laid in pebbles, set on stone drums, placed close one to another." According to Muqaddasi, those who suffered from scab or ulcers, and other such diseases came to Tiberias to bathe in the hot springs for three days.

"Afterwards they dip in another spring which is cold, whereupon..become cured." Nasir-i Khusrou visited Tiberias in 1047, and describes a city with a "strong wall" which begins at the border of the lake and goes all around the town except on the water-side. At the gate of the mosque is a spring, over which they have built a hot bath.

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The mosque is large and fine, and stands in the market-place.Tiberias is mentioned in John as the location from which boats had sailed to the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee.The crowd seeking Jesus after the miraculous feeding of the 5000 used these boats to travel back to Capernaum on the north-western part of the sea.During the First Jewish–Roman War took control of the city and destroyed Herod's palace, but was able to stop the city from being pillaged by the army of the Jewish ruler who had remained loyal to Rome.While most other cities in the provinces of Judaea, Galilee and Idumea were razed, Tiberias was spared because its inhabitants remained loyal to Rome, after Josephus had surrendered the city to the future Roman emperor Vespasian.

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