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It's hard to beat the Atlantic-facing beaches in Duck and Corolla, but visitors would be remiss to miss the exceptional waterfront adventures that can be found in abundance in the Currituck Sound.This expansive and generally gentle body of water offers miles of outdoor fun for water enthusiasts of all varieties, and a trip on the sound is a perfect opportunity to dive into a favorite sport, or discover an entirely new way to enjoy the wide open waters.Take a leisurely stroll around dusk to soak up Duck's romantic side, and enjoy incredible waterfront scenes at the very edge of this barrier island.Corolla Map It Check out our article about driving on the beach.Carova visitors will want to have a camera handy at all time in case these locals make an appearance, and despite their docile appearance, beach-goers will want to keep their distance, as these Outer Banks horses are unmistakably and ultimately completely wild.Visitors who want to learn their story can also make a stop at the Corolla Wild Horse Museum or sign up for a Corolla Wild Horse Tour for an in-depth look at these amazing OBX locals.The lighthouse grounds, which are well-landscaped with native foliage and feature an on-site gift shop in the former keeper's quarters, are open for explorers year round, while the lighthouse can be climbed seasonally for adventurous vacationers without a fear of heights.It's a steady and intimidating 220 step climb to the top of the historic 1876 structure, but reaching the small circular deck and First Order Fresnel light comes with a heck of a reward - namely, the view.

For an upscale evening out, check out local waterfront favorites like Aqua Restaurant, Kimball's Kitchen, or The Blue Point Bar and Grill.Stand up paddle barding and kayaking are two easy waterfront sports that are both readily available, and can be launched from virtually any locale along the Duck and Corolla soundside.Rentals are available by the hour or the day, while specialized sunset or eco-tours are perfect for newcomers who don't want to miss out on the fantastic views and abundant bird watching that this region is known for.Corolla Map It The distinctive mustard yellow Whalehead in Historic Corolla has been an icon on the Outer Banks scene since it was first built in the 1920s as an opulent, private retreat, and has easily become one of the region's favorite attractions since it was opened to the public in 2002.A unique combination of attractions that includes a well-tended park, the historic "club" itself, and plenty of water access to enjoy an adventure on the Currituck Sound, visitors will soon discover that it's easy to spend an entire day at the Whalehead in Historic Corolla and never run out of things to do.

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