The covered wagon 1923 online dating

My father befriended a disgruntled German soldier (who he met again very briefly in Frankfurt after the war) who confided that Hitler was due to pass through the area the following day on a train (file picture) I take my father to speak at schools around the country.

He hopes that by telling his story he can in some small way stop history from repeating itself, though they way that Europe is going at the moment, it doesn’t look like people have learned the lessons of the past.

There was also money to be made from merchants at the Sellwood Market or Brill’s Dry Goods Store, who hired boys like Chet to hand out small ads on street corners.

Chet’s parents usually shopped at Clifford’s Cash Grocery.

The ship stopped at every town along the way, and the two boys watched the loading and unloading of cargo and supplies that were traded along the route.

If he wasn’t earning money on the golf greens, Chet delivered advertisement bills door to door to notify residents of the upcoming feature film at the Westmoreland Theater.

Boys under the age of sixteen would wait patiently in the shack playing cards or dice, or practicing their putting skills, until they were called upon to shag balls or to caddy for a golfer.Clifford kept a wooden box behind the counter with the receipts he’d collected from the customers who bought groceries on account.Some of the kids in the area would buy candy from behind the counter and charge it to their parents’ account without their knowledge.If there was any extra change left over after buying his dad’s cigars, Chet knew he would be able to buy something sweet at the soda fountain.Other times Chet spent the afternoon reading about his favorite heroes in the comic section of Livingston’s Soda the Columbia Sportswear Store – showed a different film each weekend for just 15 cents.

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