Squash camps for adults

Today, the Y’s adult recreation basketball program provides a competitive environment for those not ready to hang up their athletic shoes! James Naismith created the game back in 1891, hanging simple peach baskets, and using a soccer ball to play.With a range of programs to meet every need, junior members can begin fundamentals training from the age of four, while adults will experience a range of classes, leagues and tournaments designed to engage and challenge every level for both singles softball and doubles hardball.Led by two-time National Champion Pat Ryding, members benefit from one of Canada’s best team of coaches while reaping the full benefits of what Forbes Magazine calls the Healthiest Sport in terms of endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, calories spent, and injury risk.Saturday runs and Fun Runs are organized periodically by members of the group.For a one-time registration fee of you can become a member, receive a club t-shirt, and weekly motivational emails.We offer full coaching programmes giving the opportunity to learn and improve both tennis and squash, for juniors and adults. Contact Details - Office and Coaching We are pleased to launch our first Squash Girls Can series on the following dates January 31st - February 28th - March 28th Time: -pm. ~ Pat Ryding, Head Squash Professional Squash is available year round to members of all ages.

The Clippard Family YMCA offers a "Wise Runners Club" for runners of all levels.Social tennis and squash sessions run all year round at various weekly times. We run competitive teams at all standards and age groups. Mayfair Lakeshore is the downtown hub of the Mayfair Experience.Close to the heart of Toronto, Mayfair Lakeshore pulses with the urban crowd and feeds off the dynamic energy of the city core.

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