Sexy chat by voice

Facebook is also working on a group video chat app called Bonfire, but it’s only available to a small number of users right now.

According to WABeta Info, Whats App’s group voice calls feature should roll out before the group video calls option.

So when I discovered Black Berry Voice Notes (Apple has a similar app called Voice Memos), which lets you record and send brief audio messages via text or email, I immediately recognized the copious erotic possibilities, as well as the professional risks. “I’m soooo hot and wet,” I tried again, dissolving into a series of moans and little whimpers.

But I didn’t actually explore them in earnest until late last year, when I found myself entangled with young man (let’s call him Dre) who early on in our dalliance acknowledged a fondness for vocal cues.

However, it could also prove extremely annoying, especially if you're busy while other people in the group chat are free, bored and looking to cause mischief.

WABeta Info, which has expected the move for some time, spotted a subtle reference to the upcoming features in a recent Whats App blog post.

In fact, Blake's new title caused so much of a stir that it even warranted his own version of Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segment, during which the country star recited a handful of reactions from all over the internet.

Join here for the latest on how people are making money – and how they're losing it.In spite of my experience with sexting, talking dirty out loud was new territory for me, and I found it somewhat absurd initially. Before long I grew to think of myself as the Len Berman of our late-night sporting events, whispering a play-by-play into Dre’s ear that couldn’t have been any more exciting if I’d whipped out a vuvuzela. Once I saw the sexual potential of calling an audible, I became determined to apply the latest technology to the task, especially since Dre and I saw each other only once a week or so. And because they appear as texts with attachments, they don’t require users to dial a number to retrieve them. I really messed up.” “I can’t seem to get the damned thing open!

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