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ART# 45 An unusual Victorian cream jug Una singolare lattiera vittoriana ART# 50 A Victorian sugar bowl of exceptional quality Una bowl vittoriana di straordinaria qualita' ART# 52 Vinaigrettes ART# 70 British and Irish commemorative hallmarks - 1 - Marchi commemorativi Britannici e Irlandesi - 1 - ART# 71 British and Irish commemorative hallmarks - 2 - Marchi commemorativi Britannici e Irlandesi - 2 - ART# 77 Elkington Electroplate Silver /Silver Plate ART# 85 The story of a well travelled hairbrush ART# 86 Britannia silver standard hallmarks in Great Britain ART# 87 English Silver Salts ART# 92 Travelling for Faith In viaggio per la Fede ART# 97 Anointing Spoon Replicas in Silver and Silver Gilt from Great Britain - part 1 - ART# 98 Anointing Spoon Replicas in Silver and Silver Gilt from Great Britain - part 2 - ART# 100 Determining the profile of English silver makers ART# 106 Silver Open Salts of The Victoria & Albert Museum (part 1) ART# 108 Silver Open Salts of The Victoria & Albert Museum (part 2) ART# 109 The Legal Position of The English Leopard ART# 113 Mote spoon - A fraudolernt conversion ART# 115 From Villa Adriana to Australia - Australian Open Tennis Tournament Trophy ART# 116 The use of coins in punch or toddy ladles ART# 117 A Reappraisal of the Marks Used in the Harache Workshop ART# 121 The Background To "Duty Dodgers" ART# 123 An Intriguing English Spoon ART# 128 The Early History of The English Tea Caddy ART# 136 The Britannia Standard for Wrought Plate ART# 137 Toasting Forks ART# 141 Determining the date on London Assay Office Marks - 1776-1795 ART# 142 British hallmarks - one cycle a time (I) ART# 143 Kitchen Peppers, Bun Peppers and Muffineers ART# 147 The English Silver Caster ART# 152 The Introduction of Mechanical Marking by the London Goldsmiths' Company ART# 155 Fraudulent Use of London Hallmarks ART# 158 Further revelations concerning the Harache workshop ART# 159 The Double Mark Punch Used At The London Assay Office ART# 161 Our Adventure with Sherlock Holmes ART# 162 Spoon warmers, an often incorrectly described object ART# 163 Apprenticeship and Freedom for the English Goldsmith ART# 167 British cast candlesticks ART# 168 Dating Unmarked Late 17th/Early 18th Century English Snuff Boxes ART# 171 The Significance of Mote Spoon Piercing ART# 172 The case of Richard Rugg and Robert Rew ART# 174 The Mystery of the Sterling Lion ART# 175 The Date Letter on English Hallmarked Silver ART# 176 Miniature Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs ART# 178 There's Some Sparrowgrass in My Shoe Buckle WIN# 8 A Walker & Hall coffee pot WIN# 9 Three George I casters WIN# 15 An Edwardian stamp case WIN# 16 Three excellent Victorian teapots Tre teiere di qualit di epoca Vittoriana WIN# 17 Vases and snuffer WIN# 23 A collection of Vinaigrettes WIN# 27 A silver 'dance card' holder by Joseph Wilmore WIN# 28 A Victorian silver wine label WIN# 34 A large unsolved mystery! silver pieces Due argenti di qualita' di Elkington & Co WIN# 36 # 36 An ancient complement for ladies hair dressing WIN# 38 Ten Years Later WIN# 39 An Octagonal Edwardian silver mustard pot WIN# 46 An "Early Georgian" Salt Cellar WIN# 54 A Victorian Sterling Silver Hip Flask WIN# 56 A Silver Cigarette/Cheroot Case WIN# 56 Silver Mustard Pot - London 1798 WIN# 67/1 An unmarked Monteith WIN# 67/2 A pipe collection with silver complements WIN# 69 Three Centuries of Cauldron Salts WIN# 72 Smoking a 160-years-old pipe WIN# 75 London Salts of the 18th Century WIN# # 78 A Silver Mustard Pot - Birmingham 1906 WIN# # 83 Life History of a Small Caster or Just a Fairytale WIN# # 84/2 Collecting George III Silver Teapots and Stands WIN# # 85 Our Collecting Guidelines (1) - Form WIN# # 86 Our Collecting Guidelines (2) - Originality WIN# # 87 Our Collecting Guidelines (3) - Engraving WIN# # 87 Our Collecting Guidelines (4) - Hallmarks WIN# # 91 Three Newborns for a Silver Mug WIN# # 92 Our Collecting Guidelines (5) - Condition WIN# # 93 Our Collecting Guidelines (6) - Crest or Coat-of-Arms WIN# # 102 A tea kettle by Liberty & Company WIN# # 103 Silver of Colonial interest WIN# # 104 A 'Japanese' style bachelor tea set ART# 103 Silver Hallmarks of Paris During the Reign of King Louis XV (France 1723-1774) ART# 107 Une Imitation de Poincons Louis XV An Imitation of Louis XV Hallmarks ART# 110 A French canteen (part) - Paris 1764-1819 ART# 119 A Burgundian fork dated 1660 Une fourchette bourguignonne date de 1660 Una forchetta borgognona datata 1660 ART# 125 The hallmarks of silversmiths' widows in the Kingdom of France Les poinons des veuves d'orfvres sous l'Ancien Rgime franais I punzoni delle vedove dei maestri argentieri nella Francia del XVIII secolo ART# 130 An unknown mark for silver-plated hollow ware used by Christofle in 1930-1935 ART# 131 Fraud on silver taxes during the French Royalty Chalon sur Sane (France) 1762-1768 Poinons de fraude fiscale du XVIIIme sicle Chalon sur Sane (France) 1762-1768 ART# 132 A pair of 18th century French wine tasters Une paire de taste-vin franais du XVIIIe sicle ART# 133 A Silver Cruet Set - Paris 1892/1911 ART# 138 Une imitation de poinons Louis XV (II) An imitation of Louis XV hallmarks (II) ART# 139 Le marquage par le maitres-abonns sous l'Ancien Rgime The triple master silversmith mark on French silver artifacts ART# 140 Numeration in Silver-Plated Christofle Hollow Ware ART# 144 'CAT' marks of Christofle foreign branches ART# 145 L'argent massif en France et le poinon de bigorne The Bigorne mark on French silver ART# 149 Une imitation de poinons d'poque Louis XV (III) Another imitation of Louis XV silver hallmarks (III) ART# 166 French antique silver rattles ART# 170 Marie Antoinette's Second Necessaire ART# 180 Marks of French silver-plated cutlery in the XIXth century WIN# 5 A teapot of Antoine Joseph Gelle Une theiere de Antoine Joseph Gelle WIN# 6 A teapot of 18th century Une theiere du XVIIIe siecle WIN# 13 Wax Jack or Mustard Pot? WIN# 17 Vases and snuffer WIN# 40 A solid silver mustard pot - Paris 1834/1838 WIN# 48 # 48 A French Silver Mustard Pot ART# 156 August Wellner & Sons, Silver Plating Foundry in Aue, Saxony WIN# 12 Two Continental silver salts Due saliere di argento europeo WIN# 58 Marks of European Silver Plate: III. WIN# 37 Cherubs on Jewelry Boxes WIN# 74 Gorham & Co for Tiffany & Co WIN# 81 An Arrowhead Spoon WIN#100 Before and After on a Tiffany Sterling Plate WIN#106 Before and After on a Gorham Martel Vase ART# 39 Buried treasures Tesori sepolti ART# 40 A silver cup from the ancient Rome: Skyphos Una coppa d'argento dall'antica Roma: Skyphos WIN# 30 Georg Jensen? Fraget, Russia/Poland ART# 4 The Georgian silver wine funnel ART# 11 Nutmeg graters ART# 22 A female silversmith: Hester Bateman 1708-1794 ART# 24 Little-Known Tableware Items: Argyles Un oggetto poco conosciuto: l'Argyle ART# 30 Eighteen Century silver tea tongs ART# 31 Ten steps to verify the authenticity of antique silverwares Dieci passi per verificare e registrare l'autenticita' di un argento antico ART# 35 The 'Victorian lozenge'- Dating 'Registered model' of the 'UK Patent Office' ART# 36 A canteen of silver ART# 38 Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs of the period 1770 to 1820 ART# 42 All these numbers ...

WMF ART# 13 The Antique silver industry of Hanau - part 1 ART# 15 - part 2 WIN# 3 A German beaker from .... silver basket WIN# 50 A Hanau Silver with an uncommon London Import Hallmark ART# 2 Italian antique silver oil lamps (lucerna) Lucerne Italiane in argento ART# 16 A Napoleonic sugar bowl from an Italian museum Una zuccheriera napoleonica da un museo poco conosciuto ART# 25 The Grand Master's Box ART# 29 Arlecchino ART# 34 An ancient liturgical object: the Pax Un antico oggetto liturgico: la Pace ART# 46 Hallmarks of Italian silver Punzoni dell'argento italiano, dall'unita' d'Italia ai giorni nostri ART# 64 Italian silver hair-pin: the 'sperada' ART# 72 A forgotten object: the silver warmer Un oggetto di cui si e' dimenticato l'uso: lo scaldino d'argento ART# 93 Silversmithing in Mantua from the 14th to the 19th century Note sull'arte degli orefici a Mantova ART# 95 Silversmithing in Mantua from the 14th to the 19th century - part 2 Note sull'arte degli orefici a Mantova - 2^ parte ART# 150 Cinque secoli di punzoni dell'argento napoletano Five Centuries of Neapolitan Silver Marks ART# 150 Stato Pontificio (Roma) punzoni dell'argento Papal States (Rome) Silver Hallmarks WIN# 4 Silverware of Giuseppe Garibaldi Una forchetta di Giuseppe Garibaldi WIN# 7 A sugar bowl with St.Il permet en effet de communiquer avec vos amis et votre famille en limitant la visibilité de vos messages et photos à un groupe défini de personnes (grâce aux “cercles”).Pour autant, des utilisateurs pourront vous suivre sans que vous ayez besoin de les accepter en tant qu’amis au préalable. WMF Wrttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Germany WIN# 94 Marks of European Silver Plate: X. Bohrmann, Hartmann & Hepp, Germany WIN# 58 Marks of European Silver Plate: VI.

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    Although she (and I) appreciate the positive intention and mission statement of your campaign, my daughter felt that the exclusionary nature of the program, limited only to girls, actually had the effect of enforcing negative stereotypes of the archetypal "mean girl," as if boys were not also the victims and perpetrators of bullying.

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    This was in 1997 and having placed my profile on several websites of Russian dating agencies introducing Russian women to foreign men, I quickly found a man I totally fell in love with and got married in 1998 (I could not get married in Russia for 8 years although it was my dream to get married and have kids since I was a little girl - this is the dream of most Russian women and girls, to get married and have a happy family - NOT to be rich and have a great career, this is very seldom what Russian women dream about.)Now, I left Russia in 1998 and I thought things could have changed there a lot since that time.

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    Combining business networking with social networking and dating apps will become the go-to place to find a date, a friend, or a business associate,” she tells Global News.