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Between 100 °C and about 550 °C (1,022 °F), any remaining liquid water is expelled from kaolinite.

I believe that it is due to the rears being used more and readjusting the pads. As I previously stated, just the absolute TINIEST adjustment makes a HUGE difference! I have noticed that after I tow a trailer for a while my brake pedal will tighten up. Its run by ford, and ford will pull info from there to make TSBs.

Adjust it too far in and the pedal feels very soft, like air in the lines. You can attain that stiff feeling in the pedal if you just press the pedal one more time.

One could easily make this adjustment in their garage, but why bother if its under warranty! This is like pumping the brakes, but you only need pump them once to attain this vs pumping several times for brakes with air in the lines or a very weak MC.

I was really hoping that this used reference truck didnt have the same issue as mine. A week later he called and said that the engineers couldnt really isolate any one component but offered a few suggestions. I can say from experience that if the MC and brake booster have already been replaced, it more than likely is the actuator rod.

I took it in to my selling dealership and the service manager and I test drove a used 06 on the lot to see if it was just an 06 thing. David informed me that he would consult with the engineers and get back to me. I know that there were a few here that have already had the MC replaced and still have the soft pedal.

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