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Disney stars Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez have been dating for several months, according to reports.Gomez, the 16-year-old star of "Wizards of Waverly Place" appears in a new music video for Jonas' band, the Jonas Brothers, but the two have not yet confirmed romance rumors.A few years ago, Demi and Selena were inseparable – until Demi got sober, and kicked her party buddy to the curb.This summer the Internet went crazy when Selena and Demi appeared to reconcile, but it was short lived and just a few weeks after posting photos on social media together – Demi announced that she and Selena were definitely NOT friends.Back in April, Gomez told PEOPLE she was unattached. Is Selena Gomez going to diss Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, and take Adam Lambert on tour with her?"I put a dinner together with a bunch of really great people, like the Haim girls, who I love. We connect in that sense.""It was nice to connect and just catch up," he added. "Akhtar's second option was one of Jonas' collaborators, Tinashe."Her abs are probably as great as your abs," Akhtar told the famously in-shape pop star. Because we worked together and we're just friends, it feels like it's that. I would want to be friends with her, I think."Once again, Akhtar asked Jonas about the possibility of reuniting with Gomez."There's also lots of other options," Jonas said.The radio host also recalled that Tinashe once admitted Jonas is sexy, but he was dating Culpo at the time. ""No, because that sounds like the side chick," Akhtar said. 'The homie.'" Jonas tried to explain himself, saying, "No, no.

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Then, on Friday October 23rd Demi dumped Adam and kicked him off her tour so that her pal Nick Jonas could open up for her in concert instead."We kind of ran into each other a couple of weeks ago, like walking in Venice.We were both with separate groups of friends and we ran into each other," he said. It was a big group of people and we all had a great time.I love her." Best of all, she reminded him, "She's a single pringle.""What's the other option? Akhtar said, "You've also been spotted out with her.People jump to conclusions."Jonas explained their accidental outing.

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