Muslim college life dating drinking and deen

Among sexual assault victims, 55 percent had been drinking, as had 74 percent of campus perpetrators of sexual assault.Every year 159,000 freshmen drop out because of alcohol or drugs (Weitzman and Nelson 2004).

Nondrinkers, too, suffer the “second-hand effects” of drinking: half of campus crime is linked to alcohol, and 97,000 students between eighteen and twenty-four years of age are victims of alcohol-­related sexual assault or date rape (NIAA 2012).

Sarah managed to belong in alcohol culture on some level by extroverted sociability and dancing in nightclubs, but as a nondrinker, she was blocked from an additional layer of social intimacy at parties.

And then at parties where “there’s so many people crammed into such a small space, and everyone has drinks,” for the tiny Sarah, alcohol was literally inescapable since “if you’re short, people like, run into you, their stuff is going to spill all over you.” As a certain quantity of alcohol spilled on it renders a garment impure for , merely attending a party can become a symbolically abhorrent act by obstructing prayer and ritual purity.

Fatima was an adventurous designer of third space identities, a non-hijabi who was at the same time religiously devout, socially liberal, sexually conservative, and politically aware.

When Fatima entered the gates of Georgetown, having newly graduated from a strictly Islamic school, she was horrified to find that some of her Muslim friends drank alcohol.

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