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The church was then constructed after the mine disaster, exactly where the former mine's exit had been. Agatha chapel in the history of the miners on the Kristberg are fairly obvious.The Agatha church was first extended and refurbished already around the year 1500.There are ten lodges spread across the resort, with many restaurants and bars situated down the valley.Whether you want to experience a large restaurant or get a bit to eat in one of the cosy, small huts, there is plenty of choice here in Silvretta Montafon.Along with 140km of pistes, there is a snowpark for freestylers and the longest valley descent in Vorarlberg for those looking for a big challenge!In addition, there are black pistes with inclines of up to 81 per cent, along with a number of timed race tracks for travellers wishing to go full throttle.As well as this, there are some excellent places where tourists can relax after riding the slopes.

Make a reservation for your comfortable room at our hotel on the Kristberg with a no obligation holiday enquiry today.

The tours take place in all weathers and are available for groups of up to 100 people.

If you take a walk in the area around the small church you will also find the Bruderhüsli (brothers' house) and the retreat of Joss Erhart in the forest on the Kristberg.

Everyone is welcome to cook their own scrambled eggs at our lavish breakfast buffet and can learn more about the surrounding skiing regions via the interactive touchscreens located in each hotel.

The hotel's own ski and bike test centre offers – apart from courses and rentals – a workbench and a washing area for cleaning and repairing your own sports equipment.

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