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Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed that a man named Anson Wong was picked up at 8.50pm on Aug 26, by airport security for allegedly trying to smuggle snakes. “We have handed the person over to Perhilitan (Wildlife and Natio­nal Parks Department) for further investigations,” he said.It had been reported by The Star in February that Wong had been linked to a Dec 15 seizure in the United States of various types of animals from an exotic animal outlet.Auckland Zoo's million plan to establish a breeding herd of elephants is cruel and will do nothing to protect this majestic animal in the wild.Despite assertions to the contrary, the breeding programme proposed for the zoo is not linked to any valid conservation programme and probably for good reason.Two of the trader’s companies were found to have been supplying animals to the outlet. Stroud’s comments were based on a single afternoon visit nearly a year ago.

"We've got them used to people and now we can bring Dougal, Sparkie and Yippie out at Taronga's Australian Nightlife exhibit for tours so our visitors can see them," the Sydney zoo's mammal keeper, Paul Davies, said. Many Australians say they've heard of them but never seen one." He said the number of bilbies was dropping fast as they succumbed to feral cat predators and climate change.No wonder that the place where the sample came from is called the Frozen Zoo. Tiger Escapes From Cage At Miami Zoo A tiger escaped from its cage at a zoo in Miami on Saturday, forcing the zoo to be partly evacuated before the tiger was recaptured, the Miami Herald reported. Ignatius Carroll, a spokesman for Miami Fire Rescue.A witness said the tiger jumped from its cage at the Jungle Island zoo after a monkey jumped into the cage, WSVN-TV reported. Jungle Island’s website said male Bengal tigers measure around six to nine feet in length without their tails and weigh around 400 to 660 pounds.Another witness saw the animal loose near the entrance to the zoo. Females Bilby gets a second Chance at zoo THE Australian bilby may be on the brink of extinction, but at Taronga Zoo it's thriving.

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