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Despite all these big names, her career highlight so far happened just a few days ago when she got to interview one of her personal sporting heroes.

She says: "Of everything I have done so far, interviewing Kelly Holmes the other day has to be the best. She was about to do a bike ride through London, so I only had a few minutes with her and I couldn't believe that I was actually talking to Kelly Holmes.

Holly grew up in Greyabbey and decided as a child she wanted a career in the media after accompanying her journalist mum Kim to work in her local newspaper.

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Her star has risen quite dramatically in the media since she graduated from Dundee University.

I've played rugby, shot an air rifle, done gymnastics - although I don't know how successfully - and it has been amazing.

"I mean, who would expect someone to hand them a rifle on live TV and say go for it. "It has been such good fun and a real privilege to meet the stars of the future, who are so talented.

Even two years on Holly says she still finds it dreamlike that she is working on one of the biggest network news programmes in the country.

"It does seem a bit surreal to me still to be on a national programme but I try not to think about it too much," she says.

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