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One of the problems when a family member has a "probable diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia" is the uncertainty.

The diagnosis can only be confirmed by an autopsy of the brain after death.

On the memory tests, showing her a list of ten words and askng her to recall them five minutes later, she did better than she had last July.

Her scores last time were 2, 5, and 2 out of ten, but today they were 3, 5, and 5.

Meanwhile, decisions about care and medications have to be made, as well as long-term financial planning.

When mentioning one of her granddaughters, she used the name "Stephanie" instead of the correct name, Meridith."So is it really Lewy Body? "If she's doing so well and not really declining, maybe she just has dementia caused by TIAs or by her ambulance accident--being in a coma--in 1945.But when Alois Alzheimer first identified these symptoms as a disease, he was describing a patient who was 49 years old.It was believed to be an illness occurring in people 49 to 53 years old.Those with good levels of oxygen do well on the mental tests; those with low oxygen levels do worse."I asked Dr.Kawas where I could read about her research, and she directed me to reports coming out in the Then we went back to the specifics of how to manage Mom's illness, whether it turns out to be Lewy Body or caused by TIAs or by some other unknown factor.

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