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Improve your skill with a more difficult choreography, try the Sweat version if you like fitness training and experiment with new ways to dance to your favourite songs!In Just Dance 2015, all players can send score challenges online through the game! Challenges will appear on the Main Menu on the Songs that players are challenging you on, you can also accept challenges from the JD Wall or add them at any time in a Lobby.The goal of the game is to dance as closely in rhythm as possible with the dancer(s) on screen.The flow of your body movements will be sensed by the Kinect Sensor and compared with those of professional dancers in order to evaluate your performance precisely.

You can gain Mojo in many ways: The Classic is the original choreography in pure Just Dance style.

Accessed from the Main Menu the JD Wall allows you to get up to date information on what's happening in the world of Just Dance, from the Community, game updates, new content and even updates on your Friends! Selecting a post will take you to the part of the game relevant to the posts content.

Accessed from the Main Menu, here you can plan your effort for a 10—minute, 20—minute, or 40—minute session. If you’re looking for a dance workout, enable the Kcal tracking.

So done a crazy hat or pull out a costume and record yourself! Maybe you will be selected for the next Community Remix!

After sharing, your videos can be viewed in the Community Remix screen.

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