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A person desir­ous of rain, it says in the MaitrāyaṇīSaṃhitā, should sacrifice a cow with black ears.[43] In Pāli literature kāla-kaṇṇi is an unlucky figure such as a monk[44] or even a wicked person,[45] and serves as a term of abuse, e.g., for a son who is his parents’ undoing.[46] French rougir jusqu’aux oreilles and German rote Ohren bekommen (lit.

to get red ears), “to blush to the tips of one’s ears for shame” has no equivalent in Sanskrit and is expressed by kr̥ṣṇa-mukho babhūva[47] or śyāmaṃ mukhaṃ pidadhāti,[48] but as a sign of mortification the sādhu Dhaṇṇe’s ears were red like the skin of a radish.[49] The Rāmāyaṇa mentions a demon with bright ears.[50] As to its form we may list the main tragic figure in the Mahābhārata, Karṇa “Longear” (?

One day, pleased with the per­formance of some tumblers, he gives the tree to them.

They cut it down and make a drum out of the wood, which then utters the omin­ous words.

Thus, in order to express a grazing proximity, a R̥gvedic poet urges Indra and Kutsa to steer their chariot horses near the ear of the Sun’s horse so as to squeeze off the wheel of the Sun,[79] and Rājaśekhara makes a woman shoot, across her ear, sharp and shining side-long glances.[80] We may be somewhat sur­prised that Bhadrabāhu advises a girl (novice?

) who panicked at the sight of a lion or elephant to look at a girl her junior seizing or holding the ear of a lion whelp under the eyes of the guards informed beforehand, and not be afraid.[81]Among the gods, Śiva Gajêndra-karṇa (MW) and Go-karṇa may first be men­tioned;[82] further Mārjāra-karṇī as a name of Cāmuṇḍā (MW). is represented by Hasti-karṇa as a class of Rākṣasas (MW).

His slave discovered the secret, whispered it into a hole in the ground, where reeds grew which, when shaken by the wind, betrayed him.[94] The tale, which was still popular in Greece in Crooke’s time, spread westward over Europe to Ireland and in Asia as far as Mongolia and western India, where the industrious collector found four versions of it: in Gilgit, Mirzapur (U. I won’t speculate why this is so but there was, as we know, an old contact with the Near East and Rome in this part of India.[97] The king’s right ear was like that of an ass.

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Apparently spectacular for their ears are the snake demon Adhikarṇa (MW) and a female ghoul (karṇa-piśācikā).[25]The ear is also thought to have been created by the eye,[26] as in the human embryo eye and ear separate in the sixth month.

Elsewhere eyes and ears appear as a complementary pair; thus the eye and ear of an ox are compared to truth (satya) and cosmic norm (r̥ta).[27] On a royal ride, the eye of a curious woman, expanded by the wish to have darśan of the king, approached the side of her ear, which did not perceive him, in order to inform it,[28] for the ears of a beautiful woman limit her eyes because of the long stroke of black paint.[29] In this way the erotic side of the ear, of women, is touched upon, about which more below.

Thus everyone learnt the secret.[99] Professor Hampana writes me an ad­ditional detail, viz.

that this Rājan kivi katte kivi, as he is called in Kanarese, liked to over­hear other people’s conversation by hiding nearby.

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