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I am now done with your company as my main page or any page. I have twelve groups/pages in FB, and blog on FB & Google both. Call back to see why there is a different answer and got yelled at and hung up on by customer support by a Peter Smith at 888-926-9725 extension 49.

The site has become extremely biased printing nothing but negative articles about items that should be positive. BOTH this and your reply will be posted on all locations, as well as my immediate Huntington’s groups for a possible class-action case. I have never spoke to a more rude person that made your entire company seem like a scam.

In 2004, the company launched its own web search product. Former CEO Marissa Mayer will step down and Verison CEO Tim Armstrong will lead the newly formed company. But this aspect of CORPORATE FASCISM is now not even FREE?! Reply So I am told that I have been hacked by Russia and Iran and now I need to pay for a service to secure my account between 0.00 and 0.00 and that my entire system is not secure.

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I started exploring and found some very positive news on “so called fscist news sites”.

It wasnt some jack booted idiots running around but it was about people chearing the United States and chearing the President where Angela Merkel had met Donald Trump.

Reply Please help me recover my account and information.

Naturally, I got upset and asked what the charges were for and was told that they were related to changes to my password including the two step verification.

Even after providing all the correct information, they STILL won’t let me back in my own email.

Reply I would not call this a complaint but rather an observation.

I’ve sent countless emails to y’all always redirecting me back to the same customer service page Reply Hello.

I have a email under the user ID of fstarnes01 at I don’t have the old cell phone or that email from Sprint any more the old cell number 215989XXXX or that

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