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It took a while, but eventually everything got better.I'm in high school now and I've made so many new friends.I know how hard it could be if your friends are always rude an callung you names and never listen to your feelings. I want to apologies to the people that not only have been affected by my drama but in general affected by drama.I also would like to apologies to the adults or others who have to constantly deal with this type of things when there are other very important things to also handle.I hope you have learned how to express your feelings and forgive those who hurt you.

My granddaughter is bullied almost daily and she still has the heart to smile and be kind to them as if nothing happened.Dear Lea, I'm so sorry if I ever contributed to the suffering of your heart.While the boys called you bad names, I did nothing because I was too afraid.Although she (and I) appreciate the positive intention and mission statement of your campaign, my daughter felt that the exclusionary nature of the program, limited only to girls, actually had the effect of enforcing negative stereotypes of the archetypal "mean girl," as if boys were not also the victims and perpetrators of bullying.While I realize the limited scope of your program, I don't believe my daughter is completely wrong in her analysis.

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