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Let's talk out loud about senior sex, celebrating the joys and addressing the challenges.

This blog offers senior sex news, views and reviews of sex toys, books, and films that interest sex-positive Boomers and elders.

I looked good in clothes, but naked, my body was far from the media's image of what a sexy female body should look like.Use Joan's "sex without penetration" method, and leave out any and all expectations! I asked if he was willing to say more, and he sent me this.I share with you with his approval: Like most heterosexual males who learned about sex via Playboy, locker room talk, and pornography, I grew up thinking that “real sex” involved putting my penis in a woman’s vagina and thrusting in and out until I ejaculated. Widowed at age 73 after two long marriages, I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful, sex-positive woman via an online dating site.(I don’t know what he’s a doctor of, nor where he got his medical degree.) It’s a cool idea: an insertable vibrator equipped with pressure sensors, so it can vibrate your G-spot pleasurably while also guiding you through a Kegel exercise regimen and sensing how well you’re doing on your workout.The toy is controllable via an app called Monster Pub, which is also where you can set up and track your Kegel exercises.

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    Many women may get self-conscious about their age when thinking about dating.