Disturbia shia labeouf online dating

Kale is actually a 17-year-old placed directly under house charge after pounding his teacher.He is enclosed to his household, and establishes to make use of his spare time on his neighbors.Not only does the script have a great protagonist, but it also has an excellent antagonist.This character is carefully developed and revealed as the protagonist pursues his goals.Turner (David Morse), the smooth creep who may be up to very bad things.If it’s possible to be a rip-off with wit, , I’ve enjoyed La Beouf as a slightly gawky kid, but I confess that I never expected him to grow up into such a confident, darkly good-looking actor — a heartthrob.

He is confined to his house, and decides to use his free time spying on his neighbors.Recent thrillers have been so jangled and torn apart with premonitions, mementos, and hiccups in the space-time whatever that when a movie with the spooky-vague title Disturbia opened with a freakish highway car crash, I was startled to realize it wasn’t a supernatural event.One year after the accident, Kale (Shia La Beouf), a high school junior, is still reeling from the death of his father; when he lashes out at one of his teachers by popping him in the jaw, he is sentenced to three months of house arrest. The electronic ankle bracelet Kale is forced to wear is a bit itchy, and if he strays past the front lawn, the device will flash and bring the cops over in seconds, but this leaves him with nothing much to do except sit around playing Xbox, watching trash TV, and scarfing ice cream. Even after his scolding mom (Carrie-Anne Moss) clamps down on those pleasures, he can stare out the window through binoculars at his neighbors, like Ashley (Sarah Roemer), the hottie with the oversize grin and ’70s hair who has just moved in next door (she’s like a baby Marilyn Chambers), or Mr. We have seen the hero lose his father on the edge of a cliff a million times. I loved it SO much but none of my friends understand why I laughed when the car flipped. There are one or two things, that are a little too clichd.

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