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Users can enter words likely to appear in the name of a vendor’s business following by clicking on the “Submit” button to initiate the search.

For example, entering the word “Bank” would retrieve all vendors with the word “bank” in their company name.

A contract may be signed by the Controller (thereby a valid contract), but the work may be set to begin and end on certain dates.

This search feature (Figure 4) allows a user to view all contracts in which work is being performed within a certain period of time.

After adding the coverage, he calls the insurance company immediately after to report the car accident and to request a rental car.

Welcome to the State of Colorado’s Contract Management System (CMS) website.

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Figure 1: This search feature (Figure 2) allows for a search by a part or all of a vendor name.- Help Topics - Search by General Information · Search by Contract Dates · Search by Contract Terms Search by State Positions Created · Search by Work Performed · Search by Vendor Performance Rating Further Assistance Go to Search Form The contracts search form enables members of the public to locate contract summaries, contracts, and other related documents such as construction reports and amendments, in the State of Colorado Contract Management System.This form will allow for retrieval of a specific contract or a list of contracts fitting multiple criteria of interest.This public component of the State’s database was developed to meet the requirements of Section 24-102-205(3)(c) of the Colorado Revised Statutes, mandating the development of a publically searchable website of all personal services contracts entered into by state agencies.The CMS site is operated independent of Colorado’s Transparency Online Project System (TOPS) which is also provided by the Office of the State Controller.

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