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That kind of relationship didn't go with my moral standards. After a fluke first marriage at 27, I met the successful, headstrong man I was taught to believe every woman wants.Women strutting for a wad of cash and to please a wealthy man … I saw my love life going in a much different direction. Together, we had three beautiful children and lived the classic, white-picket-fence life for almost two decades. He's an entrepreneur, so I was always sympathetic to the demands of his work.Sugar Babies can include their price point as well.

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It was her first in-person meeting, and she agreed to an arrangement on the spot. The arrangement was for ,000 per month, seeing each other about once per week – but he traveled for work a lot, so sometimes less.

Obviously, those paying – the Sugar Daddies – are much more private. Some are married,” said Rebecca, who only revealed her actual identity after meeting her match three times in person and agreeing on an arrangement.

As an attractive, fit, and fun female, there was no shortage of men looking to meet up with Rebecca and connect.

“I would not advise this being your full-time job; many [women] on the site do this.” Her best advice for Sugar Baby participation?

“Have your own life, have a great job, and have fun with this to pay the extra bills or treat yourself to things you couldn't afford otherwise.” Personal Space is Bravo's home for all things "relationships," from romance to friendships to family to co-workers. Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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