A girls guide to dating a geek online

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The most important point of all is that not every girl is after them since they aren't the typical handsome jock, so it's unlikely you'll be faced with much competition, and even more unlikely anyone is going to try to steal him from you.

This depends on your target demographic, but some good examples would be pictures of you skiing or on a cruise with friends. Women get tens to hundreds of messages per day, especially young good looking ones. The first is a well thought out message that’s specific to her profile.

If you reveal everything in the first picture, men won’t take it seriously. A percentage of people (20-40%) wouldn’t have even read your profile.Your strategy for online dating depends on the type of dating platform you use.If you use a swiping dating app like Tinder, pictures are king.Some women thus take it as a signal that you care about wanting to know her rather than any warm body that seems female.For women, a good picture would show your features in a good light.

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