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TV show description: Based on the writings of humor author W.Bruce Cameron, this sitcom revolves around the Hennessys, a typical middle class family living in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.When former stay-at-home mom Cate returns to the work force as a nurse, it’s up to Paul to write his newspaper column at home on occasion and mind the kids.The first season deals with that uneasy transition.

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He can laugh and say “see there, that’s the way to do things proper,” as he imagines spanking the young starlets with a bible while they blow him.

As grandpa did an emergency repair on the upstairs toilet, son Rory (Spanjers) recalled how his dad retreated to the bathroom when faced with a deadline for his newspaper column.

“Once in a while Mom would knock on the door to make sure he didn’t fall in,” said Rory.

(audience laughs)Dad: Whatever happened to dressing like Gloria Swanson?!

(audience laughs)Teenage Daughter: But daaa-aaaad, I want to dress like Britney Spears!

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